Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unique Tea Ceremony Chair by Hiroki Takada

In Japan, Tea Ceremony has a lot of meanings and philosophies. It is a sacred ceremony. A lot of equipments are involved in this ceremony, including the tea whisk. Based on this tool, Hiroki Takada designed a unique chair.

Bamboo material is dominant in this design. This material provides natural, warm, and sacred feel, creating a harmonization to the environment.
The shape of the whisk is translated in the whole design. The bamboo materials are configured in a configuration to create the bottom part to the backrest of the chair. The configuration is very beautiful, creating a strong composition, but still flexible.

This exotic chair is suitable to be placed at patio, in front of the house, or in the garden, in a gasebo. Even it is not used in the traditional tea ceremony, this chair will give a pleasurable and relax feeling when it is used.

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