Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Concepts, February 2009 Issue

Home Concepts is a popular interior design magazine for young adults, who are the most common new homeowners, providing them ideas to decorate their new homes. Our Lucky Star was featured on a full-page spread.


Light up your living room with hanging stars that cast shadows on your walls. Specifically, with the star lanterns by Decor La Vie, which come in different sizes and wit names like Glitzy Night, Magical Night, Lovely Planet, Batik Life and Colourful Riot.

Place them against the wall or hang them from the ceiling; in a darkened room, these paper-made lanterns with cut-out motifs will sower your living room with romantic partners.

Decor La Vie is a lighting design firm that specialises in unique lighting products, most of which are designed by reputable designers from around the world. The brand also provides lighting installations for homes and major events through their team of planners. Every layout is then customised right down to the smallest detail so that the theme of the event is creatively brought out to create a lasting impression.

(taken from Home Decor Feb Issue 2009)

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