Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who has been talking about us

Decor La Vie is coming close to 2 years old. Let us review who has been talking about us thus far.

Decorations, December 2008 Issue No. 67
Decorations is an up-market interior Design publication, and Décor La Vie was honoured to be have two of our products series featured in the magazine.

Silk Winds, Oct 2008 Issue
Silk Winds is Silk Air's in-flight magazine, and Décor La Vie's Lucky Stars was selected as the main highlight for its retail therapy feature, ushering in the festive season.

Craftholic, August 2008 Issue No. 3
Craftholic is a local e-zine that features handicrafts. They focus on products that have a sense of identity and character, among the flood of mass-produced items in the market. Décor La Vie was proud to have our Lucky Stars featured on one of their full-page product spreads.

iWeekly, 27th Sep 2007
iWeekly is a local lifestyle magazine by Mediacorp Singapore. In an article on the Singapore Riverside Market, Décor La Vie's pretty stars caught their eye, and we had a small column featuring our products.

Straits Times, Life, 14th July 2007
We were featured in a small column in the Life section, in an article about the Market of Artistes And Designers (MAAD) at Red Dot Museum. MAAD is a flea-market styled event where designers peddle their products. Décor La Vie's Lucky Star was one of the few products which caught the reporter's attention amongst the crowd.

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