Thursday, May 27, 2010

rocking teapot

there is nothing like sitting on your favourite rocking chair with a cup of tea in hand, and betina piqueras’

rocking teapot brings the two together in a creative reworking. the rocking teapot is a small tray that has
a wire frame that holds a special teapot by two handles on its side. the teapot is suspended in the air and 
a small circle in the tray holds the cup below. the user simply tilts the teapot towards the cup and the tea 
pours right in. the design is perfectly functional helping users steadily pour a big pot of tea while 
remaining quite whimsical. 


leaf-it bookmark post-its

these post-its make it easier to 'leaf' through your books and magazines,
allowing you to mark your favorite pages.


Monday, May 24, 2010


'qlocktwo', created by german product design studio biegert & funk, is a clock that tells 
time in words. it has a quadratic matrix of letter. some of these characters glow in pure 
white, thus, forming words that describe the time in five minute intervals.  for more 
accurate timing, users can look at the illuminated dots in the corner which show individual 
minutes. with the help of its built in brightness sensor, the illuminating power of the letters 
are automatically adjusted.

450mm x 450mm x 20 mm
international electricity supply 110V/220V
weight is approximately 4 kg

the front surface of 'qlocktwo' is supported by eight magnets allowing it to be replaced
without visible attachments. this design is also available in satin stainless steel or five
colours of polished synthetic glass.

'qlocktwo' was showcased at ICFF during new york design week 2010.


Friday, May 21, 2010

DELFONICS Vinyl Card Case

DELFONICS Vinyl Card Case consists of a clear cover on one side and another pocket on the other. You can see its content clearly while quickly slip in or out a few cards you regularly need. 

This card holder is part of a vinyl pocket series that help to protect your personal items and documents as you carry them with character and style. 

Made in Japan 
Vinyl plastic

Price: SGD$4.95


Thursday, May 20, 2010


We all have the same ugly shower caddy, right? The kind that rusts all over the place, or has suction cups that stick for three minutes, tops? Here’s the solution to a disheveled shower: the octopus. Eight grippy PVC arms grab all your bathing necessities so they are easily accessible. Store your shampoo bottles upside down so you can squeeze out the very last drops!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Italian design firm ADR Studio  has designed an impressive “iWatch” concept.  The design would incorporate WiFi, 16 GB of Storage and downloadable apps all within an attractive sleek minimal aluminum housing.


Friday, May 7, 2010

No Scratch Watch

The Swatch concept watch by designer Allan George is basically aimed at the youth who like to wear trendy fashion, but maybe rough with it. Although latest scratch-proof glass materials are used in Omega, Rolex and ilk, but not all brands use this for their entire collection. And a watch with scratches on its glass looks so lame! Allan’s concept simple does away with the glass face and replaces it with a plastic-rubber finish. The colored hands peep out, behind a transparent rim, giving the watch a trendy and easy look!


Measure This

The Shell is a sleek digital scale sexified with good modern looks. Lift off the Stainless Steel measuring bowl to reveal a large LCD display and simple controls. Rest the upturned bowl on the unit and it’s ready to weigh both liquids and dry foods. A convenient ‘add and weigh’ function also allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl during recipe preparation and an auto power-off feature maximizes battery life. Love it! Doesn’t look like medical or industrial equipment. So perfect for all my crazy crafting needs, like changing base metals into gold. Hehehe, hahaha, AHAHAHAHA!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fork The Cables

Honestly, how many of you read about me at Unplggd, when they featured my desk? In retrospect, I am so ashamed of all the wires that snake around my beautiful desk. As a resolve I’m going to invest in some great cable managers, and since I’m design-centric too, I’d like them to be as quirky as the Fork And Cream Sauce! Kinda like forking your spaghetti…with cream sauce…ooo and buttered mushrooms on the side, and I’m getting off topic now, oh and I’m hungry too!
Designer: Lufdesign


Never Miss the Key Hole

Lost in the dark! That’s usually what happens when you get home from a long day of working, skateboarding, drinking, whatever! It’s dark outside, you wanna get into your house, but by golly if it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to get that key aligned with the key hole in order to insert and turn! Here’s the key to this problem. The “V Lock.” It’s got a v. You put the key in the v. You open the door. Perfect.
I think you’ll understand this concept in basically 0 seconds. It’s just that obvious. Props to designer Junjie Zhang for making the world a more intuitive place, one lock at a time.
Designer: Junjie Zhang


I’ll Cup Noodles To That

Oh Cup Noodle, you fed me all thru college when I was broker than a joke. You flavored my palette with harmonies of sweet and saltiness. How I enjoyed the gummy texture of your noodles and fondly remember burning my tongue several times because I couldn’t wait for you to cook and cool. Sadly Cup Noodle, your styrofoam packaging is a big no-no so I want to show you this one; collapsable, disposable, and much easier to ship.

Designers: Junggeun Ahn, Jeongmi Lee, Hyunseok Moon & Donghee Suh


Monday, May 3, 2010

Salt And Pepper Me

Fresh salt and pepper really do make the difference so the initial investment is totally worth it. Two chamber mills are a dime a dozen but the Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph is particularly handsome. It’s made entirely of ceramic and guaranteed to be anti-corrosive up to 10 years. Now thats standing behind your product! Don’t you guys this it’s beautiful?

Designer: DesignWright for Joseph Joseph