Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Designed by Igor Lobanov from Urals State University of Architecture and Arts, Piccells is inflatable furniture provides two major uses. Working like a Japanese fan, Piccells pieces can be kept closed and worked as a room divider. In the closed state, it can also be used as a small coffee table. Once the piece is opened, each cover item fills with the air and ‘cells’ within inflate to make a piece of furniture that looks nearly like a giant sea anemone. Linking of the various cells can be changed manually to offer maximum convenience and variety. Designer proposes some biological and natural structures and textures such as Orange, Leaves, Butterfly, and Foam. Each structure represents an interconnected set of cells.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sod T-Shirt Packaging by Prompt Design

Somchana Kangwarnjit of Prompt Design, a Thailand-based agency, has recently been awarded a Gold Pentaward for t-shirt packaging design called Here! Sod T-Shirt Packaging.

Here! Sod created a new line of t-shirts that are sold in simple yet distinctive packaging resembling food found in most supermarkets. Each shirt is custom packaged to resemble a piece of pork or icy beverage. Although the packaging is simply novel, it creates a fun and engaging shopping experience for the consumer.

The unique packaging created instant brand recognition amongst consumers which generated large volumes of word-of-mouth advertising.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coffee Bench by BEYOND Standards

Poland-based BEYOND standards is a collaborative design and production studio led by Karolina Tylka (product designer) and Szymon Nawój (interior architect). They are dedicated to research material, technology and space relations, with a focus on searching for the coherent ideas in every product, space and process designed.

At 100% Design, they launched the Coffee Bench, a movable bench and table that is a smart use of space. Inspired by the need to have coffee in the garden with no space for the cup or newspaper, they designed a smart, rotating unit that can be easily adjusted based on your needs.


The bench can be made into varying lengths up to 3 meters and various materials, so it would be ideal for any outdoor space public or private. A soft version can be created for use indoors, too.

Unique Tea Ceremony Chair by Hiroki Takada

In Japan, Tea Ceremony has a lot of meanings and philosophies. It is a sacred ceremony. A lot of equipments are involved in this ceremony, including the tea whisk. Based on this tool, Hiroki Takada designed a unique chair.

Bamboo material is dominant in this design. This material provides natural, warm, and sacred feel, creating a harmonization to the environment.
The shape of the whisk is translated in the whole design. The bamboo materials are configured in a configuration to create the bottom part to the backrest of the chair. The configuration is very beautiful, creating a strong composition, but still flexible.

This exotic chair is suitable to be placed at patio, in front of the house, or in the garden, in a gasebo. Even it is not used in the traditional tea ceremony, this chair will give a pleasurable and relax feeling when it is used.

Table Chair by Thomas Feichtner

Description from Thomas Feichtner:
As the name indicates, the Table Chair is a hybrid entity, a multi-use piece of furniture. It will probably be used as a side table most of the time, but if a seat is needed, it turns into an extra chair. It’s a bit like in a London taxi: Usually you are the only passenger, sitting in the back seat. When you travel in a group, however, you really appreciate the small tip-up seat. Thomas Feichtner had a Black Box in mind when he designed this piece of furniture. It is a body which reveals nothing whatsoever about its inside or its function. If you open the black structural shell, you will be surprised by the bright white leather. In contrast to the plain closed rectangular solid the chair is composed of individual crystalline surfaces. The seating surface and the back are mirror-inverted. When you are seated, they provide a comfortable support for the buttocks and the back; when you fold the chair, they fit into each other in a space saving manner. As a safety precaution, a mechanic safety lock prevents unexpected collapsing. The chrome foot has the same base as the tabletop, reflecting the environment like a mirror and adapting to it. As a result, the monolithic base body has the effect of a self-supporting structure. The Table Chair is produced in series by Neue Wiener Werkstätte.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bookseat from Fishbol

Released under FishbolBookseat is a comfortable chair encases a bookcase in its playful curves. The Bookseat is hand-crafted in Ontario with Canadian birch plywood with a felt cushion in customizable colors and limited edition leather cushion. This multifunctional furniture suited both for traditional interiors and contemporary ones.
The Bookseat was noted as one of the “ten must sees” at Toronto Interior Design Show 2009, and is currently going through some minor updates and will be relaunched in 2011.

Dimensions: 600 x 920 x 843 mm

Saturday, October 2, 2010

aluminium iphone 4 case

japanese company abee has come out with 'type 01', the first all aluminium iphone 4 case.
the super thin, 3mm aluminium jacket comes equipped with a seat cushion that has a moderate
repulsion soft texture. its anti-slip, vibration and shock-absorbing effects protect the iphone.
the case is available in 6 different colors.

spread your love

'spread your love' by hamed kohan from iran is one of the shortlisted design entries
from more than 3000 participants in our recent designboom competition,
'seoul cycle design 2010', organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation.

the tire design features heart-shaped knobs that create playful tracks on the streets.
a series of corresponding bike racks are distributed throughout the city.

designer's own words:
'simple as love, strong as love.'

Music By The Window

Eclipse is a media player that uses the photovoltaic cells on its backside to draw in solar power and sticks onto the window via a suction cup. As expected of any “good media player”, this one too features Bluetooth connectivity to steam in music from your MP3 player or catch weather updates, podcasts & radio. The speakers are built-in but the cutest aspect to the design is the compartment to hold your music device. It resembles the compartment used in cassette tape players from yester-years; the evident “eject” button et all!
Suggestions for Android and iPhone users to download Eclipse App for “interesting screen savers as you play your favorite songs”, sounds cool! Perks of being a concept I tell you!
Designers: Hoang M Nguyen & Anh Nguyen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dry Table

'dry table' can be used both as a table and drying rack
all images by marcus ginn

'dry table' by UK-based designer alex bradley is a space-saving occasional table to be used both indoors or out.
it is made from rods which extend outwards in a circle - replacing a traditional table surface - from which one can
hang items or dry their washing. it measures 560 mm x 520 mm in size.

'dry table' is being exhibited at 100% design during london design week 2010.