Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dry Table

'dry table' can be used both as a table and drying rack
all images by marcus ginn

'dry table' by UK-based designer alex bradley is a space-saving occasional table to be used both indoors or out.
it is made from rods which extend outwards in a circle - replacing a traditional table surface - from which one can
hang items or dry their washing. it measures 560 mm x 520 mm in size.

'dry table' is being exhibited at 100% design during london design week 2010.

Rotating Bookcase

Librespiral by Gerardo Mari is a bookcase constructed of coated sheet metal in black, white and orange color. The strong point of this bookcase is a unique and functional, horizontal and vertical modular combination and round twisting mechanism that allows access from any angle. It is amazing furniture for decorating a stylish home.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'ivy' by sono mocci - 'seoul cycle design' competition shortlist revealed

'ivy' by sono mocci from italy is one of the shortlisted design entries from more than
3000 participants in our recent designboom competition, 'seoul cycle design competition 2010',
organized in collaboration with seoul design foundation.

designer's own words:
'why does our bicycle need to be connected to light poles by chains like a criminal in prison?
inspired by nature, the design of this cable wire lock is a mimicry of ivy. it is unified in our daily
scene and promotes protection of the environment. it is soft and feels natural. 'ivy' is a plug
to awaken the relationship between you and society. 4 dial number lock, steel wire + silicon gom
covered. 2 sizes: short (900mm), long (1500mm)'

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peeling With Three Variations

There is a reason why potato peelers come with brown handles; to blend in with the peels, so that you accidentally throw it out with the trash and replace it with a new one. With a sophisticated peeler like this Rotary Peeler, I doubt any such accidents will happen. Not only is it designed really simple, it’s got functionality multiplied 4 times! How? Well for starters it’s got three different blade options for peeling (one for potatoes, a serrated one for soft fruits and veggies and a third to cut uber-smooth juliennes), and a potato-eye weeder.
The whole peeler disassembles so that you can clean it up nice and easily. Maybe the many options of peeling and cutting juliennes will spark some creative cooking! What do you think?
Designer: Damian Evans for Joseph Joseph

MyWay: E-scooter

MyWay is a new brand of portable E-scooters, specially designed  to be carried around in traditional transportation vehicles.
Weight 13Kg and can speed up to 25 kmh for 20 km make it very functional.

Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair unusual coming from ValentinaGW. Resembling an invisibility cloak, the design is quite impressive and are suitable for contemporary interiors with an attitude. Ghost Chair seems to use one of invisibility cloaks and the result of “draping and drying” polyester sheets of plastic molds. Spirit Chief interesting shapes are also very suitable for your living home.


Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Indoor Sun

The urban landscape makes it difficult for us humans to experience the bliss of natural sunlight at home, thanks to the towering high-rises. So how can we expect our houseplants to flourish or pamper them with the natural goodness of sun? Unless of course, we get sneaky and trap some solar power in the “Solight” and then hood it over the plant; trick it into thinking it’s getting some natural sunshine! Clever idea and no one will know how you manage to keep those plants happy…because you can stash the Solight away when not required!

地味便、地味安、収納ボックス。BOX STOOL TRUMP L





Table On The Wall

The scene is this: you need a table but only occasionally and you don’t want it to occupy much space in your home. So how do we do this? Build it into the wall or take the innovative “hang it on the wall” approach? I vote for the latter and hence The Folding Table! It stays on the wall…doubling up as a bulletin board, but when you need it…3 easy steps and it’s a full-fledge table. What’s really cool is thatEndrit has designed the wall hooks to function as a coat rack when the table is in use. So thoughtful!
Designer: Endrit Hajno

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coffee cup that stands tilted!

Cool ceramic tableware in one form or the other has been decorating your dining table since long. The available patterns, designs are undeniably remarkable but you surely want something unique every now and then. Here’s a cool coffee cup that stands apart from the crowd for the fact that it doesn’t stand straight. The cool coffee cup in zero gravity when in use can be placed vertically and when it’s not in use, it can be tilted in place just like in weightless state. Pretty unique coffee cup that surely each one of you out there will fancy.