Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Chill Out @ MAAD 6th & 7th June, launch of Shadow Light by Decor La Vie

Decor La Vie will be launching the new product "Shadow light" at MAAD in June. Come with your friends for a sneak preview.

Indicate your attendance here on our facebook group.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lucky Stars Lantern Catalogue 2009

Magical Night Red S$35

Magical Night White S$35

Magical Night Black S$35

Glitzy Night Silver S$35

Glitzy Night Gold S$35

Colourful Riots Butterfly Effect S$25

Colourful Riots Happy Confetti S$25

Colourful Riot Blue Garden S$25

Colourful Riot Wonder Land S$25

Colourful Riot Chinatown Kiddo S$25

Colourful Riot Florish Purple S$25

Lovely Planet Red S$25

Lovely Planet Blue S$25

Lovely Planet Yellow S$25

Lovely Planet Green S$25

Batik Life Red S$25

Batik Life Yellow S$25

Batik Life Blue S$25

Batik Life Green S$25