Friday, July 30, 2010

The Chair Doubles as A Table

Multifunctional furniture unit is the need for today. If you’re short on space, the best thing to do is go for modular furniture units that serve more than one purpose. Tables and chairs already have a strong bond between them from a long time and today. Check out below some cool chairs that also double as a table and vice versa.

Kundalini Atomium

These Units Will Be apart of the Water Air Exhibition at 477 Broome Street,
NY from May 17th-through 20th from 12pm to 9pm. See more pictures of gorgeous thesislamps (in and out of context!)
ICFF previews are filling the inbox, and I’m getting giddier Every Day as we closed in on NY Design Week (still kicking myself for not Being Able to make it to Milan this year!) … Check out the Abyss by Osko & Deichmann and
Atomium by Hopf & Wortmann, Both for Italian company, Kundalini.

Got A Chain Fetish?

Designer Cho Hyung Suk has an affinity for bicycle chains – for their utilitarian function and seemingly beauty. The B-Chain Lamp spins the bike chain into a new kind of object, one that is rigid enough to pose a light into various positions. There’s something oddly anthropomorphic about this design – maybe because it halfway reminds me of the Pixar Lamp.

Size: 230*170*220(H)
Materials: birchplywood, marble, hardware

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Really Flat Chair

Kök is a flat-pack chair inspired from a blue chair, a common staple in Mediterranean and Aegean culture. Simple to make and easy to assemble, no adhesives or complicated joints. From my understanding, the weight of someone sitting reinforces the tension at the joints making the bond even stronger.
Designer: Erdem Selek

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Peeping Tom Over My Shoulder

Do you live in a crowded house and suffer from lack of privacy while working? Your lucky day today! Sophie Kirkpatrick has the perfect solution for your plight; The Duplex Workspace Desk. A desk with a hood! Pull it up when you want to shut out the world and concentrate on the task as hand; pull it down when you are ready to mingle.

The Duplex Workspace is a one off prototype but Sophie is looking into developing the concept and is currently on the lookout for the funding and facilities to do so.

Size – approx L 1200 x D 600 x H 1500
Material – Ash Veneered surface and hood. Solid Ash turned legs.